AffiliateDotCom – Review of 2nd AffiliateDotCom Video

If you’ve been following the AffiliateDotCom launch then you may have seen the first AffiliateDotCom video but be unaware that the second video in the series has just been launched.

This new video deals with getting traffic to your affiliate offers and in it, Mike Filsaime walks you through exactly how he was able to create a brand new campaign, make it profitable, so that it will generate ~$5,000 per year.  And the best part is that this was done in just 24 hours.

The primary source of traffic for this campaign was Facebook advertising.  He used their cheap, targeted traffic to send interested prospects to an optin page related to their interests.  Once someone opted in to his new list, they would then receive different affiliate offers that were recommended to them via autoresponder.

This type of affiliate marketing is very powerful when done correctly, and the proper use of an autoresponder means that the whole process is automated and hands-off once the initial campaign is set up.  It’s also just one of the techniques that Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell will share in the upcoming AffiliateDotCom course.

Facebook advertising is a very cheap source of traffic, and when you compare the costs of FB to Google adwords, it can be almost 10 times cheaper.  Mike was able to generate all of his clicks at an average of just 11c per click, where as it’s not uncommon to spend 1-2 dollars per click when advertising with Adwords.

In the third AffiliateDotCom video, Chris Farrell (Mike Filsaime’s partner on the AffiliateDotCom project) is going to be sharing his own strategies for generating free traffic to your affiliate sites, and will also be explaining his techniques that enabled him to build an list of 500 optins in only 3 days using free traffic.  This list is also extremely targeted and responsive with Chris getting 93% open rates from the emails he sends to that list.

In order to watch the AffiliateDotCom videos, simply fill out your name and email in the upper right form on this page.  You’ll instantly be redirected to the AffiliateDotCom site, and as a special bonus, I’ll also send you my very own affiliate marketing blueprint.

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